30 before 30

Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake (#Rhianna voice)
My 27th B-Day November 2012

The List
  1. Get the tattoo on my chest removed. I don't know what the hell I was thinking at 16
  2. Finish getting laser hair removal under my arms and my love below (hee hee) ;)
  3. Move out of my moms house.Yes! I still live at home don't judge me. It's hard out here for a player lol
  4. Eat every flavor cupcake that Sprinkle Bakery has. If you don't know what Sprinkles is we're seriously not friends anymore.
  5. Take an International vacation for at least two weeks
  6. Start my own business
  7. Finish my Bachelor's degree(maybe)
  8. Do the Avon breast cancer walk
  9. Get rid of my muffin top
  10. Go sky diving 
  11. Go ziplining
  12. Learn how to swim. (Now yall know black people don't know how to swim lol)
  13. Learn how to surf 
  14. Go snow boarding
  15. Learn how to roller blade
  16. Do a cleanse
  17. Visit my honey's home country with him. #Trinidad
  18. Have a girls weekend in Vegas
  19. Grow my hair out healthy to BSL
  20. Learn Spanish at a conversational level 
  21. Go to a Beyonce concert. I won't bow down but, I love Sasha fierce (hee hee)
  22. Visit Miami
  23. Do karaoke to Tina Tunner
  24. Have a Sex and the City/Bridget Jones Diary Marathon weekend. Total sex God! (hee hee)    
  25. Visit New Orleans 
  26. Learn how to cook rice. I know pretty pathetic.Whatever rice recipes I put on my blog I've idiot proofed for myself. I either slow cook it or bake it. I can't quite get it right on the stove.  
  27. Get full off of all the sample cups at Yogurtland and don't buy anything. (hee hee) 
  28. Try out for the role of Anastasia Steele for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie lol
  29. Have Burnch with my close friends at least once a month.
  30. Read the book Pride and Prejudice. Loved the movie but, still haven't read the novel. 

Yours Truly, 
Gurl Chat xo