Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Summer Hair

So I know it's only spring but, summer is on my mind right now. I'm trying to figure out a summer hair style that is low maintenance and cost effective and braids came to mind. I've been wanting to do Box Braids for sometime now but, have always been worried with how heavy they are and the tension it would cause around my hair line. Individual braids at one point were my go to style while I was trying to grow my awkward hair length out from my failed relaxer but, wearing them very often did do some damage. Wearing braids can be kind of tricky sometimes. If you get them to small or big they can pull your hair out . Plus you have to be very careful on who you let install them into your hair because if they braid to tight not only will it cause damage it will be very painful on your scalp. So i"m not sure if wearing this style is the right thing to do for my hair this summer but, they're so darn cute! Uggg! lol I have to figure it out. I'll be sure to post pics of  whatever I decided to do.

Yours Truly,
Gurl Chat xoxo