Monday, February 18, 2013

Glam Blogger

Hola Dolls! I would like to introduce to you Gurl Chat's first "Glam Blogger" of the moment. The beautiful and fashionable Bambi Eyes. Bambi is a fashion blogger living in Milan. I came across her blog when I first started Gurl Chat and absolutely loved it! I'm so happy she was able to take the time out of her busy schedule to do an interview with Gurl Chat.  

1) How would you define your style?

My style is very flexible. It can be preppy today, tomorrow it can be streetstyle or the next day it can be 60's.
I don't limit myself on a certain style. I just want to be free and be expressive of what I want on that certain day.
You see, I am a writer and a writer normally works on a certain theme - that's what I do. I look for some

  • it might come from an old photograph or a vintage store,
  • it might be a ruined jeans I saw on a girl at the subway station, 
  • or a certain event or feelings like love this coming Valentines Day. 

Different strokes for different folks. I guess different people like different things and for me it is same with style.

But what is unique about my own is that I incorporated my personality into it!

2) Who/What are some of your style inspirations?

2.a WHO

  • Carine Roitfeld: She inspired me on so many ways not just because she was a former French Vogue Editor. When I went to her book signing "Irreverent" at Armani Library here in Milan, she wrote to me "If fashion is passion, go for it!"
  • Miroslava Duma: I saw her outside a Ferragamo fashion show one night last year. She is very sweet and she have smiling eyes. She' one of the most photographed Russian lady in fashion and I love her style. But apart from her statement necklaces, I love her crusade of bringing Russia to the world and the world to Russia through fashion.
  • Anna dello Russo: I met Anna during the opening of her collaboration with H&M and I think she is the epitome of a very stylish Italian woman.The kind of woman we want to be: very sure about herself, elegant but doesn't forget to be funny and let's not talk about her second Milan apartment just to house her collection of clothes, shoes and jewelries!

2.b WHAT

  • The Street: I love to just sometimes sit on a cafe and look at what people are wearing and the eccentricity on how they wear their socks or how they fold their sleeves.
  • The Internet: There are times, I just type a word on google and click on images and I find it very amusing that there are gazillions of pretty images and poses and new things that I can integrate on my blog to add value to my post.
  • The Milanaise Fashion: The Milanaise way of dressing up is very different. I have been to other European and Asian cities (I have got to see the America though) but it's way different. They have their own aesthetics, elegance and decorum in a manner that is very entertaining and impressive. 

3) At what point in your life did you know that you had a passion for fashion?

High School: When I was on my sophomore year and the kids at my school were wearing high-cut sneakers and hip-hop jeans.
I tried to be a little different but cutting my jeans and adding a faded look on it because during those tenders years I think it will
look cool. 

4) Being that you live in such a beautiful city would you say that Milan has influenced some aspects of your style?

Yes, it has influenced me a lot on the way I dress-up. They once said, "If you're in Rome, Do what the Romans are doing." In this case, do what the Milanaises are doing.

5) What advice do you have for someone that is trying to come into there own individual style?
My advices are:

  • go out there
  • experiment
  • find inspirations and make it your own
  • wear something that makes you happy
  • when you're happy it reflects on your face
  • meet people
  • look inside you - look inside your soul
  • you can't give what is already given by others
  • show your personality
  • they will love you because your style is who you are
  • but most of all you will love yourself because you are 100% you!

6) Being that the economy is quite flimsy these days, what advice do you have for the frugal fashionista? Here are my tips:

  1. subscribe to newsletters of your favourite brands and put on your wishlist the items you like, they will send you email promotions and inform you if the item you choose is on sale.
  2. best deals come during sale seasons, spend on months of end of the a/w season sale like January to February and end of the s/s season sale on July to August.
  3. use coupons and codes promotions,  some of my affiliate advertising send me codes for my readers even if it is not sale season - so you can also take advantage of that
  4. outsource, buy vintage items on your local vintage stores instead online to avoid shipment fees but if you like to buy on ebay - negotiate for the price.
  5. resell, resell the stuff you don't use anymore to buy a new one. You can resell on asos marketplace or you can bring your stuff on your local vintage store and let them sell your stuff for you.

Check out Bambi's wonderful blog @

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Hello dolls! hope everyone is doing well. I've been missing in action on my blog due to trying to keep up with some of my personal goals that I set for 2013. I felt like I was starting to let them get away so I was playing catch up.I can't believe that Valentine's day is already here. I didn't have time to whip out Martha Stewart's baking recipes so I decided to just box it. You can't go wrong with Pillsbury and they now have icing in the can which is so helpful and not messy when decorating. I plan on taking these in to work tomorrow(i know i'm early lol) Hope you ladies have a wonderful Valentine's day this thursday. If your single make it a girls night :) If your not, dress up and tell your honey to put on his suit and tie and show you a few things lol hopefully you guys get that joke ;)

Yours Truly ,
     Gurl Chat xoxo