Sunday, February 10, 2013


Hello dolls! hope everyone is doing well. I've been missing in action on my blog due to trying to keep up with some of my personal goals that I set for 2013. I felt like I was starting to let them get away so I was playing catch up.I can't believe that Valentine's day is already here. I didn't have time to whip out Martha Stewart's baking recipes so I decided to just box it. You can't go wrong with Pillsbury and they now have icing in the can which is so helpful and not messy when decorating. I plan on taking these in to work tomorrow(i know i'm early lol) Hope you ladies have a wonderful Valentine's day this thursday. If your single make it a girls night :) If your not, dress up and tell your honey to put on his suit and tie and show you a few things lol hopefully you guys get that joke ;)

Yours Truly ,
     Gurl Chat xoxo