Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Fun

Hello ladies it's Sunday.The last day of relaxing before getting back to the hustle and bustle of another work week. I went to the drugstore this weekend and did a mini cvs haul lol. I intended to only purchase one new magazine but, when I saw two of my favorites on the cover I couldn't resist. I also picked up a couple of new nail polish colors by Wet n Wild for $1.99 a piece. I figured a couple of new nail polishes and magazines won't break the bank lol. It's my little treat to myself . Ladies it's important that we give ourselves a little weekly or biweekly treat. I know times are hard and we all have financial responsibilities but, it's important to take the time out and do something nice for yourself. I'm guilty of not following that rule sometimes too so don't feel bad if this applies to you. But you know what I deserve it and you do too :)

Yours Truly,
Gurl Chat xoxo